Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I am hair is red! Photos soon. (in my pj's now) Just wanted to let you know.


HIS Daughter said...

Wow that was quick!! I just read your post on the Bible Study and I went to get something else to eat and you have red hair! you like it? That's what is so important.

I loved your post, Liz. I'm sorry about your friendship...I have 0 close friends right now near by. I count Mark because I can tell him anything...but not "girlfriends". It's a long story I may blog about...but GOD knows where I am in my walk with HIM and where HE wants me to go.

HE'S the BEST FATHER ever...if I need a nearby close friend...HE will pick the right one for me.

YOU are beautiful...and I mean that! You were picked to be the beautiful BRIDE of our LORD and SAVIOR.

You don't rock, Liz...You Reign! Live tomorrow like the beautiful red haired bride to be of the most awesome Bridegroom imaginable!


grey like snuffie said...

that is so fun, can't wait to see it