Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My New Life

My life has just changed forever.

Last week, my daughter began her band activities as a freshman in High School. Lucky for me I had been told by a friend who used to be involved in Texas band years and years ago that Texas band was no comparison to what I had experienced as a Virginia band Mom. When that comment came along, I had no idea that I would experience Texas band first hand, but here I go.

Last Saturday I took my daughter to register for band. She had already had two days of practice and now it was time to make the commitment...be fitted for the marching uniform, buy the shoes, t-shirts for hot weather performances, etc, etc, even a Band Mom and Band Dad t-shirt for us to wear at games! I took along my veteran band mom and very good friend so that she could show me the ropes. She is in the last two years of band, her youngest child is a junior this year at the same school, also in the same band as my daughter. She has had two other kids graduate from said school, having marched all four years. She had all the inside information that I needed to make the afternoon at the High School as painless as possible.

Painless? Did I say painless?

I spent what felt like my life savings!

And I signed my life away for the next several months. Concession stand. Chaperon away games. Monitor for Band Competitions. Whew! I am tired just thinking about it!

But I can't possibly be as tired as my daughter. She has marched for days solid, for seven hours a day in sweltering heat. (If you have watched the national weather, or if you live in Texas, you know that we have been over 100 degrees for weeks straight now!) It is grueling what she has to go through.

So, Band Mom has just become a major part of who I am. I am excited though. When my older son marched in the band, it was difficult for me to get too involved because my now High School age daughter was in elementary school. This will be my last hoorah. I plan on going for it with all I have. I will have Band Mom friends, and Band Mom shirts, and be Band Mom annoying. I will attend every football game, take my pom poms, work concession stand, ride the bus to away games and be full of Jaguar spirit!

How fun! For four fun filled years, I will be the best Band Mom I can possibly be!


grey like snuffie said...

Our youngest was in a Show Choir and we traveled to lots of competitons. Being there may not always register with our kids but there are so many whose parents NEVER show up---YEAH for you guys. High School years are crazy full but they were so much fun. And it is amazing how costly some involvements can get. I kind of miss those involvements and being around high school kids. Enjoy the craziness!

grey like snuffie said...

Hi Liz, just let me know and I will add your blog address to our link list on my site and when it works for you you can post a scripture on Thursday. And yes we are on C this week. There are NO legalistic rules about this---if it works for you good and if not maybe the next week you can jump in. Just go to my site and click on the links in the upper right column under the ABC's of the Word picture---that way you can be blessed by others who are sharing scripture. Have a grand day!