Thursday, August 7, 2008


In case you did not know, today was National Fresh Breath Day! I certainly got a kick out of knowing that. I kept chewing gum in my mouth as much as possible. I offered minty gum to everyone that I sat beside. One friend of mine used Listerine for the very first time today. I went to eat dinner with another friend, and we had sushi. We laughed because it was not the best choice for National Fresh Breath Day, so we chewed gum in honor of such a day.

Today also is the anniversary of me and my husband's first date. Twenty eight years ago today, we went to Wendy's Hamburger's at 51st St. and Harvard, Tulsa, OK for our first date. We never forget to wish each other a Happy Anniversary and acknowledge our gratitude for that day. We usually do something nice for each other, today being no exception.

I saw my daughter in her Marching Band uniform for the first time today! What a proud moment. I posted her picture below!

I went to my favorite meeting tonight. We talked about the eighth step of the 12 step program that I am a part of.

Step 8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.

Interesting topic for me tonight. I received a phone call from someone who is on my list, but I did not return it. I had made a promise to my sponsor and some other people that if that call ever came, I would not respond without calling she and some other people also. I always thought it would be difficult to refrain but it was so easy. I talked it over with four people before I even got to the meeting where my friends would hold me accountable. Everyone agreed it was the best thing. And behold, step eight was the topic of discussion. Direct amends may come some day, but for now I am choosing a living amends by Letting Go and Letting God. And I am choosing my serenity first. When I got to the meeting, I had so many people tell me that I looked more relaxed and at peace than I had in weeks, maybe even months. (most of them did not know what had happened today) Shock for me. I thought I would look stressed and pained when faced with this situation in my life. But I feel free. I must look free. I am smiling. I am laughing. I am at ease. As one person said, my shoulders are relaxed...lower. Ah. Serenity and Peace.

A clean heart.

Tomorrow I am attending a Surgical Coding workshop. Oddly, I am looking forward to it. I love my job and I love learning more about my job. A coworker friend of mine (Yvonne) from Raleigh, NC has flown into town to attend the same workshop. Three of us from the "Girls Gone Wild" group will be going wild over some surgical coding tomorrow! Ha! But the real fun comes when we have Girls Night Out (but of course I invited my man!) tomorrow night in Downtown Ft. Worth.

Just a few random tidbits from the loony, laughable and lovely life of Liz!

Love ya'll!