Monday, August 25, 2008


Last year, right before my mom and I left to go on our cruise, she had a dream about spending all night lowering her eyebrows so that she would remain calm for a job interview. (she was also a man) My mom has the craziest dreams and she entertains me often by telling me about them. She shared this particular dream with me on our car trip to the port from which we set sail for a week in the Caribbean and it struck me so funny that I laughed about it the entire week. You can read her dream on her blog site Observations. Since then, we both never miss any opportunity to make a joke about an eyebrow lowering experience.

Well, I found out that my mom has never been real happy with her eyebrows and I realized that I haven't either. She and I made a trip to Ulta (cosmetics store) to look around and found ourselves having eyebrow make-overs. For most of my 46 years, I have left my eyebrows alone. They are quite small and never needed "cleaning up" until I hit my mid forties. I have had them waxed a few times, but never have been really pleased with any of the eyebrow looks that I have achieved.

If you read my mom's blog post on eyebrows, you discovered that she bought an entire kit for perfecting her eyebrows. It actually included a stencil which I found hilarious. I decided that just eyebrow make-up would be adequate for my eyebrow dilemma, however, when I got home, I envied her template as I found out how difficult it is to make a perfect eyebrow with a brush. (No, I am NOT going to draw them on like they did in the sixties!) I did a little internet research on eyebrows and found all kinds of articles...even TUTORIALS on You Tube on how to create the perfect eyebrows! Check this out!

Did you know that eyebrows are the frame to the face?

That is how important eyebrows are! I never knew! So, it has been my quest to create perfect, face framing eyebrows.

Here is what I came up with so far. Excuse the fact that my hair has not been "fixed" in these before and after photos! That is another blog post all together. I just got back from the salon!

Eyebrows al natural

Eyebrows with the make-up

Now, check out this tutorial! Perfect eyebrows! I think I will keep practicing.


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Liz you are too funny! I must say your face is framed so perfectly! I can't imagine how you walked around for all those year's without a framed face and no one said a thing! We love you imperfections and all!