Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The week before last, I posted a prayer request for my father in law and our family as we were faced with deciding whether or not to continue cancer treatments.

At the time, his mental state was such that we did not think he could make that decision himself.
God is good though and He gave us an answer that brings peace.

My dear father in law is still suffering from bouts of mental disorientation. We understand this is part of the process when one is near death. However, he has had clarity enough to be very certain about his decision to discontinue treatment. His cancer is rapidly spreading, his immunities are very weak.

Fred went to spend the weekend with his father this past weekend. It was a time of laughter and tears. It was a time of knowing that there will not be very much left. Time.

Their relationship has had periods of distance, misunderstanding, and even anger and hurt. There were times in our marriage that I wondered if healing would ever occur. But, what I see is love and forgiveness. I am witness to making the choice of moving on, restoration in relationships, and not allowing mistakes to keep people apart. What a lesson. I wish it didn't have to come along at the end of life. But the change of heart happened. It happened in time. But, sadly, time has been wasted.

Please pray that his life will be as full as possible in the next days or weeks. Pray for his comfort.

Pray that no more time will be wasted. Not in his life. Not in my husband's life, not in my life and not in yours.

Lives are precious. Relationships are a priority. Love and forgiveness are from God. Time.

...for death is the destiny of every man; the living should take this to heart. Ecc 7:2b

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