Sunday, August 16, 2009

Project 365 Week 13

August 9 through 15, 2009
has now passed.

Sunday, August 9
While spending a little time pool side, I sat amazed at how much the ruella plant has grown. This is the plant that currently has a flower photographed in my header. I bought it two summers ago, on a whim...not knowing what the plant even was. I kept it contained for the remainder of the summer of 2007, but stuck it in the ground in the fall. It has returned every year and it spreads like a weed. However, I love it and I love the memories of when I bought it.

Monday, August 10
FINALLY! I gave my notice at my current job today. I have been waiting for weeks, for various reasons, for the perfect time to turn in my letter of resignation. Today was the day and my relief was great! I found myself going home after this day of work to an empty house. My hubby had to travel out of town, Rebecca was busy with band practice, and my son was at his apartment in Denton. I sent out a quick email to a couple of friends - inviting them to an impromptu celebration! It was delightful.
And I was able to watch a little one swim in my backyard pool...this is always an extra bonus!
I love having children over to swim! They are so much fun to watch!

Tuesday, August 11
I have set a goal of preparing a healthy, appetizing meal 6 nights out of 7 every week.
This was week one of this goal and one of our family favorites returned...
Vegetable Lasagna! I have not made this particular recipe in about 4 years.
It comes from a heart healthy cookbook and my entire family loves it!
Welcome back!

Wednesday, August 12
Facebook Fun!
I met up with two friends that I went to High School with after reuniting on Facebook. They are sisters and I was friends with both of them, but hung out quite often with the friend pictured in the middle. Stephanie lives here in the DFW area and her sister, Cheryl, was here visiting from her home in Oklahoma. We talked for two hours nonstop and decided to recommit to our friendship! It is fun having Stephanie back in my life already!

Thursday, August 13
This is me and the group of ladies that call me their boss. It is the last day that the entire group of us would be working together because one of them will be on vacation this next week - my last week. I love working with these group of ladies...they are hard workers and fun to be around!
I will miss them very much.

Friday, August 14
Something else that I will miss when I leave my current job is the trees outside of my office. Every morning when I arrive and every evening when I leave, this is the sidewalk that I walk down to go into my office building. It is like a park and there are birds, squirrels, rabbits, and who knows whatever creatures that live in the park like area that surrounds the building I work in. I really enjoy these trees!

Saturday, August 15
Every week, it is the same thing...our son Aaron spends a few days in his apartment where he attends college, and our dog mopes...waiting for his return. When Aaron returns, Rusty (the dog) is in absolute heaven. He follows him around and will not let him out of his sight. This is Aaron and Rusty just an hour or so after Aaron has come home.

Have a great week!


sara said...

what a great week!

I love impromptu get togethers!!! So what will you be doing now that you quit your job?

I also enjoy watching children in my pool!!! I love that my neighbors feel comfortable bringing their kids over to swim when they want to!!!

LuAnn said...

Congrates to you on giving your 2 weeks. I would love to do that soon myself!!! Our neighbors have a pool and let us use it as our own. That is kind of you. Have a great week.

TCKK said...

great week. Love the pool!!!

SusanD said...

Wonderful photos with great commentaries. Blessings, SusanD

Billy Coffey said...

What a week! Congrats on giving your notice.

grey like snuffie said...

What a wonderful week captured in photos...I'm curious about the vegie lasagna... sounds good. I've been so out of it the last month or so..I may have missed what comes after this current job...

Letters From Midlife said...

I always enjoy your photos. I have a new camera now so I need to get going with my own photo project now that my son is back in school.

Tracy said...

My dog Reggie is like that with me...he moped half the time I was gone up to WA a couple weeks ago, but Chris said he wasn't as bad as usual since he worked from home and 2 of the kids were still here so he wasn't totally lonely. lol But he was quite happy to see me when I got back!

rita said...

So are you joining us, the busy retirees, or looking for something else? Blessings on a new beginning.