Thursday, August 13, 2009

RAP - The Hallway

This weeks poetry prompt at Seedlings in Stone was yet another part of the house - the hallway.
I pondered all week, having thoughts of what the hallway in my house represents, but struggled with writing a poem. Today's deadline, I sit and write...still rough, unfinished, but the feelings now moved into words.

(sigh) This one was difficult.


Am I aware
That it is where
I monitor all
Coming and going
Making certain that
Loved ones stay
Tucked in covers
Warm and safe
Top of the hall
Is where I stand
Guard, waiting
Are you coming?
Where are your books?
They roll through
Doors like bowling balls
Running, ready
At night in bed
A soft glow
Each night light tells
That sleep has come
I read and watch
No one moves
The hallway still
Mom and Dad
Just down the hall


Mary Ann Duncan said...

Love it!

L.L. Barkat said...

So glad you pushed through this one. You found a gift at the end of the hall. :)

Liked this phrase...

"where I stand
Guard, waiting
Are you coming?"

Laura said...

I love it, Liz! As I thought about the hall, I thought about that one creaky board and moved into the future in my mind...wondering...will I be that guard waiting?

Fun to take these tours :)Laura

Monica Sharman said...

This will connect with lots of moms, I think!

mom2six said...

"They roll through doors like bowling balls"...sounds like my house. Lovely.

nAncY said...

just down the hall...i like that.

says a lot.

sojourner said...

hallways really do connect life and mom's help to make it happen

deb said...

this felt like home,
bowling balls and all!