Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just a quick question

How is it that I can be in the second day of a new job and I am so tired that I can barely stay up until this tremendously late hour of 9:00 p.m.?

Yesterday, I barely was in the office for 5 hours. I did have to take a drug test...which was odd, never having done that before. (did you know that you cannot flush the toilet and you cannot wash your hands, until your bodily fluid has been sealed?)

Today, I did work 7.5 hours...but work is a loose description of how I spent my time.

I feel like I have run a marathon! What' s up with that??

Do I need to mention that I couldn't think of an interesting blog post if my life depended on it today?

Here's what I do know.

  • Cardiology does not seem as complicated as I once thought.
  • My 22 year old son is old enough to ride a subway alone in Washington DC. (did I really doubt?)
  • Even 47 year old women like to have their mom's around to help.
  • Humility is something that God will always have me work on...or so it seems.
  • I REALLY am a morning person!
  • A phone call from a friend to ask how your day went is certain to make my day!
  • And there is no way that I can do this without God!




Lelia Chealey said...

New Job??? Where have I been? Working that's where. ;)
E-mail me and tell me all about it when you aren't so tired.
love you,

grey like snuffie said...

My brother, the doctor, would say that our emotional output can really shake our physical body. It takes a lot of energy to start a new job....you rock girl....you can do it...cause Christ resides in you!

Letters From Midlife said...

I agree with "grey"...it was probably emotional and mental fatigue more than anything. And you've probably been thinking a lot about this job before your first day. Sending good wishes your way as the week progresses!