Saturday, August 1, 2009

Project 365 Week 11

It has been another week and it is time again to post a picture a day from my life.
Let's go.

Sunday, July 26
I spent the afternoon transferring activities from various calendars and appointment cards to our family calendar. Rebecca has band, Behind the Wheel driving classes, school schedule pick-up, along with various appointments and invitations, the month of August was looking a little overwhelming. Honestly, I was not relieved when it was all consolidated into one location, but at least I could tell what needed to be moved or canceled. I did not take a photo, but now I am working on syncing my iPhone with my Thunderbird and Google calenders. Whew!

Monday, July 27
I drove to work this morning after a big thunderstorm had hit. Some of you know, I commute 23 miles into Dallas for my job and I really don't enjoy driving in the rain. Especially in my new car! Ewww! It got dirty. So, I drove my old car the next two mornings
(Tuesday and Wednesday)
We had thunderstorms 4 out of 5 weekday mornings this week!

Tuesday, July 28
These are my lunch buddies. They were oblivious to my photo taking! Most days, we eat together. Janie (on the left in the pink), Dorine (on the right with the purple cup) and often Elsa (in the yellow) and Jo Anne (on the far end, standing) join us.
We eat in our lunch room most of the time; it is quicker, healthier, and cheaper!

Wednesday, July 29
I picked up my new eye glasses after work today!
I was excited, but my family didn't even notice. These are very similar to my old ones (not the bold, teal ones) so my feelings were not hurt. They did notice the next day.

Thursday, July 30
Today I received an envelope in the mail from Virginia.
My wonderful friend, Linda, had sent me a card with a wonderful note inside!
When I lived in Virginia, Linda was my "spiritual mentor." She exhibited the kind of relationship with Christ that I hope to have some day. She has a peace about her that I absolutely know is from God and I admire. She was a strong confidante and counselor during some things that were very difficult and very painful. She listened with an unbiased ear and has prayed for me, probably more than any one person ever has. She still does. And she writes to me regularly to let me know. She has lost a lot of her hearing, she has arthritis, and she also is battling
Hepatitis C, so our communication is limited, but I will always consider her to be one of the best friends in my entire life. I miss her tremendously and cannot wait to send her a nice long letter to let her know how I am doing. And I will remember to (again) let her know how much her friendship means to me!

Friday, July 31
This is my poor, poor baby after she returned from having her wisdom teeth extracted. She really has done very, very well, but this photo was taken just a few minutes after our return. The oral surgeon suggested that I take her home with a milk shake to get something in her stomach and to let the cold soothe her mouth. She was still "high" from the anesthesia (she might not remember giving me permission to take this and post it!) and could not feel her mouth at all. She managed to get most of the ice cream into her mouth and is recovering very nicely!

Saturday, August 1
Another rainy morning (this is 5 out of 7)
I did get up and attend my cycling class this morning and was it ever hard! Everyone in my family looked like my dog (in this photo) and my husband and I drove to the gym in the pouring down rain. This poor guy, Rusty, is approaching 14 years old. He can no longer hear and was not even aware that I took this picture. So, after my man and I worked out, had a shower, and had lunch...I looked like Rusty for a good part of the afternoon!
Happy Day!


Dena said...

I like your new glasses. They look very similar to mine. :)

Oh your poor daughter. One of my girls had her wisdom teeth surgically removed over this past Christmas break and I remember her asking me to take pictures shortly after we got home and not remembering it later as well.

Esthermay said...

HEY! I have those glasses too. ;-)
. . . your POOR baby! (Will she be happy about you posting that picture?)
. . . I've taken a few photos from the driver's seat during a rain
storm! Why does this fascinate me?
Nice pictures this week.

sara said...

sorry I am just getting over here...

love the glasses!!!

I laughed at the pic of your daughter...I did the same to my kids!! ha!

rita said...

Loved your LR poem!
And I like your glasses.
Your daughter is beautiful even when feeling horrible.