Thursday, August 20, 2009

Life - just a little update on how it is

There has been quite a lot going on lately. Not that it is big stuff, but I guess it could be big stuff if you consider a job change "big". So, maybe it is and maybe that is why I am so tired. Or it could be because I have stayed up too late escaping the reality of so much change in my life by reading the last Twilight series book, Breaking Dawn. Or, it even could be all the farming I have been doing on Facebook's Farm Town game. Seriously, I am finding it difficult to believe that I am even participating in that activity, much less, staying up past my bedtime to harvest some strangers virtual potatoes for 20 coins a pop!

Lately, though, real life is just tiring.

Many of you have asked about the resignation of my job. It would be nice to say that I am retiring, but with one child in college just a little over half way finished, and another who will be going in three years, I will be working for another 7 years or so, unless we strike oil...wait...that might not even bring enough revenue for retirement. Tomorrow will be my last day as Billing Supervisor and Coder at a large physician management company. On Monday, I will begin my new job as the assistant Billing Manager for a large cardiology practice. I am very excited! I love the clinic environment and have missed it tremendously the last three and a half years. And, I am hoping for a lot less stress. There is no way I could describe on this blog the atmosphere and pressure that I sometimes work in, nor should I do that on the internet, but I am under a fair amount of stress every day and it wears me out. (and makes me want to farm in a pretend farm town, for goodness gracious!) So, no worries, the job change is of my choice, totally orchestrated by God, and I am very much looking forward to it.

There has been change in the life of my oldest son and his girlfriend. And it is not the end of the world, it is a little stressful for me because I know there is pain involved. It was, after all, Adam's girlfriend that introduced me to the imaginary farm world...maybe she was stressed too and shared her stress reliever with me!

My middle son has the most stability in his life right now; however, one of his roommates decided not to talk to him for a week over a poker game that didn't even involve real money! As a mother, I just wanted to drive to the apartment and tell him what for...but I didn't. I held my tongue, encouraged my son to do the right thing, and prayed.

Our youngest, (sigh). What can I say? She is 15 and a half, going into 10th grade, learning how to drive, attending band camp for 7 hours a day, and talk about tired. If you ask her, she is more tired than anyone in the house! The only thing that is saving us from a really sour attitude is her new boyfriend. Luckily, she is quite enamored with her current beau, so her mood is always a little on the side of giddy. But for me, her mother? More change. This young man drives. And even though I have met him, and I really like him, and he has proven himself to be very responsible...there is something that makes my brain tired every time I watch her get into the car (a red sporty car, no less!) with a young man! AGH!

So, I am sorry that my blog has not been very creative! I am tired. And my mind seems to be whirling with all the activity, trying to keep it in control, remembering to turn it over to God when I think I can keep it in control and just to manage my calendar, I must color code events! The best I can do are my little attempts at Random Acts of Poetry, which is fun for me, but even I have to admit, the poems are not real suave!

Today, all I have is a little update on life...every day, this is what I am dealing
I am glad I have God to show me where to go, because I am just tired. Hmmmm, do you think that He would want to harvest the wheat in farm town?

Probably not.

But, I know He will go along with me.



grey like snuffie said...

One of my good friends is SERIOUSLY addicted to that Farm game on FB....too dang funny. She at least is a farmer's is not a performance...good to hear the real life of Liz...praying the transition to the new job goes well, that God fits you right in at the new job. And the heart of a mother is a never ending roller coaster of emotion....praying you find some rest in Him..thankful you have Him also.

Tracy said...

I liked your blog, creative or not... Sometimes it's just to vent and relieve stress. It's just the way life is.

Sorry to hear about your oldest, and good luck with your daughter. Makes me glad mine is only 10, eventough we've had a lot of attitude issues lately. :-P

Mary Ann Duncan said...

Tired is the appropriate thing to be right now, in my opinion. Makes me tired to read about it, but, of course, I'm always a little bit tired myself. Love.

Anonymous said...

... it's his brother's red, sporty car, sillyy!! (:

-"the youngest daughter"