Monday, August 3, 2009

RAP (Random Acts of Poetry) The Living Room

This weeks Random Act of Poetry prompt is to write a poem about the living room.
The living room?
I thought the kitchen was stretch enough... :)
L.L. Barkat at Seedlings in Stone
mentions in her post that she had nothing to say about the living room,
but the poem did.
I found similar to be true; possibly her comments led me in agreement, but nonetheless,
the poem found the words.
Living Walls

Living Walls

The walls wrap around

Loved ones, gathered


Sometimes silent

Reading, napping

The floors hold memories

Of babies, crawling

Cartoon watching

Toys thrown askew

Laughing, crying

Closing eyes I hear

Digital programs

Soundtracks, popcorn

Ballgames, cheering

Dancing, music

Shielded, as message

That must be shared

A tragedy

When one must sit down

Hugging, holding

In contrast lights dance

Bright colors and cheer


Presents and parties

Singing, giving

The room we live in

Grow up in, slow down in


Abiding and searching

Cocooning, protected


Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Sounds like you've done a lot of living
in the living room.

Blessings to you!

Letters From Midlife said...

Great poem. You have a great way of expressing yourself.

Joyful said...

This is great Liz! It reminds me of a gift my husband gave me this past Christmas. It was a framed writing that said:

“If these walls could speak of things that they have seen…of things that they remember well…Stories of love, gatherings of Family and Friends…laughter. If these rooms could talk they would share joyful tales of sunsets at dinner…of children playing hide and seek. If these windows panes were eyes, they would have seen it all…Each tear, each sigh, each hug and every smile. Every dream there is to live. If this house could show you the lives that take part within these walls…It would display unconditional love, unforgettable memories, unending moments forever tucked away…That’s what these walls would say.”

To see a pic, click here: