Sunday, August 9, 2009

Project 365 Week 12

One picture a day
Week 12

Sunday, August 2
It's that time of year season.
And thus for us in the Russell family, Marching Band season.
Here is Rebecca getting measured for her marching band uniform.

Monday, August 3
This photo could become an entire post because it is very significant...
but on Monday of this week, I was having my prayer time, early in the morning, as is customary for me, when I had an epiphany.
Much prayer has gone into the relationships that these little figurines represent in my life.
Two of these were given to me by friends who are no longer in my life, but at one time, were very special. One of them, was removed from my mantle for over a year, and another, was painful to look at for a few months. The third one, purchased by me, to represent the healing that God has surrounded me with, the Angel of Serenity.
God covers all the hurt and pain that surround the loss of the other two.
He revealed Himself to me in a new way on Monday.

Tuesday, August 4
Girls one of my favorite local restaurants, Blue Goose Cantina.
Spending this time was part of the answer to prayer regarding Monday.


Wednesday, August 5
When my son found out that I was switching from Mozilla Thunderbird back to Outlook so that I could sync my calendar to my iPhone, he was a little disappointed. He is a computer engineer, very computer educated, and also a software snob. He really dislikes Windows products. Anyway, he talked me into going back to Thunderbird (which I always have been pleased with) and helped me install, update, and sync my calendars from every source. Now, no matter which calendar I type an event into, it syncs to all three.
It was a major project for me because I had to keep calling him and asking him to walk me through certain steps (and I messed up my iPhone email in the process), but hoorah!
The calendar project is done!

Thursday, August 6
This is a moon flower. I look forward to these blooms every summer.
The seeds that grew this plant have been gathered by me from plants year after year, originating with a plant that my father gave me when I moved to my first home and became interested in planting my first garden. He had collected seeds from my grandmother and grandfather's garden many years earlier, probably back in the mid 1960's.
I have grown one (or more) of these plants in homes in Oklahoma, Kansas, Virginia, and now Texas. The bloom is wonderfully fragrant and a sweet memory for me personally.

Friday, August 7
29 Years ago on this day, I went to lunch with a guy from work. We went to Wendy's hamburgers and it changed my life.
I married him!
This sweet man and I spent a relaxing evening at home on Friday evening.
He was going to take me out to dinner, but I had to decline. I had already okay-ed my daughter having company...a young man, so we could not leave the house.
We can always have fun...even if it is just staying home!

Saturday, August 8
This is a scene that I see very often during this time of year...
marching band practice being dismissed.
This band practices 6 mornings per week, for 4 hours and 4 evenings per week for 2 1/2 hours more. This does not include the sectional practice that takes place once a week for an additional 2 1/2 hours.
The band has gathered up to listen to the instructions of one of the band teachers who is speaking to them from the tower.
And they are hoping that he doesn't call their names because if he does...
this is what they will have to do...
Add VideoIt's hard work being a Marching Jaguar!

Have a good week!

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rita said...

LOVE the moon flower shot and the story behind it. Maybe you could have a giveaway seed packet?