Sunday, August 30, 2009

Project 365 - Week 15

I cannot believe that I managed to get a photo a day.
One day, I missed, but the photo I took was early, early the following I almost made it. This week was the first week of 10th grade for my daughter, my first week at a new job, my son Aaron flew to Washington DC to visit his brother (no photos of this)
and my husband was out of town.
Here is what it looked like....sort of!

Sunday, August 23
My mom came to help me this week and one of her main objectives to to make sure our family ate healthy food. This was Sunday night's meal, which she and I prepared together and then she and I ate together. Aaron was at work (ate later that night) and Rebecca ditched us to have dinner with her boyfriend. The spinach salad was her suggestion and then she wasn't even here to eat it. She ate it later though. My mom had picked up fresh ocra at the farmer's market in Tulsa before she came and it was such a treat! YUMMY!
The meatloaf? Just good old comfort food, but recipe compliments of Weight Watchers!

Monday, August 24
Two pictures today!
Rebecca on her first day of 10th grade. She and I were on our way out the door for school. After I dropped her off, I went to report to work at my new job at
Cardiology Interventional Vascular Associates aka CIVA. (see coffee mug on desk)
I settled into my new desk, filled out new hire paperwork, and read the employee handbook.

Tuesday, August 25
Sorry...still focused on the job change. This is a photo of my new building as I was driving in for my second day of work.

Wednesday, August 26
(not really)
This is the photo that I took at 5:30 a.m. on Thursday.
Wednesday, when I came home, I was so tired I could barely stand up. I did not take a picture.
I didn't do really anything and I do not remember the day.
Thursday a.m., after a good night's sleep, I woke for my normal time of prayer and when I let my dog out for his morning relief, I saw this!
This is the moon-flower plant I photographed a couple of weeks ago, but it this morning, was having one if it's more glorious show of blooms. I had to take a picture.
I love these flowers!

Thursday, August 27
My husband was back home after being gone for a few days and the first thing he did was mow the lawn. He takes such good care of our yard and I always go outside and admire it and praise him for what a good job he does.
(I have discovered that he never tires of being acknowledged for even the simplest chores!)
This is a photo of the grass in our front yard, as the sun is setting in the west.
The fragrance of grass fresh cut still soothes my soul.

Friday, August 28
It is football season...official first game tonight!
The game is an "away" game, and it is very away...about an hour and a half.
My husband and I chose to stay home and have a date, but we will be at every other game from here on out. (I will ride the band bus to all the following away games)
This is a sign that we have in our front yard and it is a very popular thing in our area.
These signs are proudly displayed all year, but are forefront during football season.

Saturday, August 29
Our friend, Jayme, turned 16 yesterday!
Here is a picture of Rebecca and Jayme at the start of Jayme's sweet 16 birthday party.
Rebecca and Jayme have an arranged friendship - that worked!
Jayme's mom, Ashley, and myself met right after I moved here and found out our daughter's were the same age during a conversation early in our friendship.
We decided that we were going to be friends, so we also decided that our daughter's would too.
We arranged a friendship date, and took our two (then 12 year old) daughters to lunch and shopping, with the hope that they would become friends!
It worked!

And here is Ashley, in the middle, the mother of Jayme with me and another friend! The three of us took nearly 20 teenage girls to dinner before the rest of the party later that night.
What a blast!

And at one of my very favorite restaurants -
Life's A Beach!

Have a great week!!!



sara said...

what an awesome week.

Those flowers are gorgeous!!!

I have a tenth grade son...does she like "arranged marriages?" ha!

Christine said...

Hi, Liz. Came to your blog through Sara's. Great work on getting a picture everyday--no doubt you'll treasure them for many years to come. You had some important events this week!

grey like snuffie said...

Liz your life is so full...full of wonderful people...I LOVE that flower...never seen it before. Hope your week is grand.

Dena said...

My son started 10th grade this week as well, although he's still very shy about girls. ha!

The sign in the yard is great. Our school does that for athletes, but I like that all should be recognized.

Laura said...

Lady, you have been crazy busy! I'm glad the new job is going ok, sounds like a good opportunity! Here's something funny...I never heard of moon flowers until last night! And now, here you have a picture of a whole passel of 'em! Do they really bloom at night? Amazing.

I'm sending you hugs!

Mary Ann Duncan said...

I've decided I really like food pictures. Great pictures.

Kim said...

Jam packed week -- I'm exhausted just reading about it :-) Great photos. Those moon shaped flowers are so cool! Seems crazy that August is about over and school has started there. Wow, where did summer go?! So, do you like your new job so far? Big learning curve or not so much?

Have a great week!

rita said...

I love the photo of the sweet 16ers, and the moon flowers are beauttiful. Now I want to go back and recall the previous view of those unknown-to-me blooms.
Have a great week at your new job.

Gail W. said...

Hey Liz! Thanks for welcoming me back to Blogland with open arms!!! What an awesome, eventful week you shared - I'm praying for peace and calm in the midst of all the changes. Change is change, even when it's all good stuff. Love you, dear friend!