Saturday, August 22, 2009

Project 365 Week 14

Another week has flown by in my life!
Sometimes, a photo for the day was quite difficult, and other days, I couldn't decide which photo to use!

Here we go...

Sunday, August 16
As part of a plan to accomplish more of what I want to accomplish in a day, or a week, or even in my lifetime, I am scheduling time periods to work on certain projects.
Sunday evening is a time that I have scheduled to paying bills and doing necessary paperwork for a more efficient lifestyle.
This past Sunday, this is what my desk looked like while I was doing several projects at once...but they all got finished!
It is quite empowering to finish things that I need to finish.

Monday, August 17
My daughter went on her first date with a young man who can drive.
She has been friends with this guy for a long time and recently, the friendship was becoming a little more involved. He turned 16 recently, and asked her if she would go to the movies with him on this day (the first day he officially held his driver's license.) She seemed a little nervous and I couldn't quite figure it out. When I asked her, it was excitement.
This is the scene that evening, while she waiting (very eagerly) and then their departure.
As a mom, I felt very strange sending her off in a car with a young man. It all turned out well...he asked her "out" on this night and she said yes. So, she came home from this date with a "boyfriend", Josh.

Tuesday, August 18
I went to my favorite local Mexican restaurant with a dear friend of mine. Part of taking care of myself this week was to have some personal time. The woman I had dinner with is a little older and has walked a similar walk as mine...but a little further a head. She is like a mentor of sorts, and we had a very good, very encouraging time together.
This is a picture of a mural on the wall of the restaurant. It is sort of dark, but it is a stunning piece when you are sitting inside.

Wednesday, August 19
I worked a "relaxed" schedule this week, being my last week and all.
Wednesday morning, I was still frustrated because it took over an hour and a half for me to make my commute. Average is about 40 minutes. I was very frustrated and feeling fortunate that this does not happen very often.

Thursday, August 20
This is me and my friend at work, Janie.
She and I have eaten lunch together for over 3 years. I am going to miss her a lot!
We will continue to have lunch periodically, since my new job is only 3 miles away, but I will miss talking to her every day!

Friday, August 21
Driving to work today, I felt a little melancholy.
For over three years, this is what my arrival to work looks like.
Even though I am excited to make the job change that is underway, I still would like to remember how this looked and felt.

Saturday, August 22
The "new" couple, Rebecca and Josh.
We are on our way to dinner with Grandma, who arrived from Tulsa today to help with the upcoming week. My husband has traveled out of town for business, school starts Monday and so does my new job. Also, my middle son, Aaron, needs a ride to the airport on Tuesday because he is flying to Washington DC to see our oldest son, Adam.
I was just sort of freaking out and thought it might be nice to have help...even if it is only emotional!
But, there is driving involved this week that I don't think I can manage on my own, so....

Here is my helper for the week!
Thank you, Mom!!!!!


sara said...

what a great week! there are many days I can not pick just one picture...and many days I get to the end and wonder what my picture will be!

first fun!!! I am smiling as my 15 year old son has a "friend" over to hang out!

skoots1mom said...

thx 4 sharing...great pics

Kim said...

Busy but fun week! Moms are the best, aren't they?! Exciting times ahead with the new job and a boyfriend for the daughter :-)

Have a great week!

Thien said...

Grandma rocks. Go Granda! Go Mrs. Liz! Go Rebecca! Yayyyyyy

grey like snuffie said...

I love your Project 365 posts..."the kids" are cute....your mom is adorable...praying His peace in the midst of your week...while much may be changing He never changes...may He be your rock this week.

rita said...

How's the busy week going?
Good to have mom there.
And the new job?
Will look forward to your report next week.
Yes, it is hard to leave coworkers and the familiar surroundings and routine, and to start over again, but exciting too!