Monday, March 24, 2008

Out of the Nest

I have been thinking a lot about what it might be like as a mother bird. I like birds and have always been a little fascinated by them. When the time comes for the mother bird to lay eggs, she begins to build a nest. Back and forth, back and forth, gathering supplies after selecting the safest place that she can locate in which to lay the eggs and hatch them. If you have ever watched birds make a nest, it is nonstop activity until the nest is complete. Then the female situates herself in the nest and the eggs are delivered. She waits patiently until they hatch and then cares for them until they grow the feathers necessary for flight. When that time comes, the mother knows it is time for them to grow up and head out on their own. So, she coaxes the baby birds out of the nest and chirps at them until they finally figure out how to lift and stay in the air. On the occasions that I have had the opportunity to watch this process, it always makes me nervous. The mother bird has no way to help the babies fly, she can only coax them along with her chirping. Sometimes, it almost sounds like a scream. The young ones either make it or they don't.

My life as a mother has followed a very similar course, but it has taken many years instead of a few weeks. When I found out that I was going to give birth to my first child, I went through an activity that has been named "nesting." It is named after the almost frantic way that the expectant birds prepare the nest for the eggs. I cleaned, washed, prepared, cleaned, washed, and prepared. It would not stop until the baby was born. Whew! Then I waited, not so patiently sometimes for my babies to grow wings so that they could fly. One of them has finished growing his wings and I am not sure how to act. I guess I should start chirping!

Adam graduated from college in December. It was a time of celebration and excitement. I didn't really give a lot of thought to the change that was about to take place. I just knew that he would now be looking for a job.

Well, the time has come. He has one job offer that is secure and another one on the way. He has a job interview tomorrow and it looks like he will have his choice of three different positions. They are all good opportunities and each has it's own particular perks. By the end of the week, he will know where he will be working for the next few years and be moving into his very own apartment, paid for with his very own salary, with his very own health insurance policy and paying his own bills.

So, I can relate to the momma bird. It is time for me to coax my son out of the nest and encourage him to fly on his own. He and I have talked about this process several times over the last few days. One of the most difficult things is that all of these jobs are in the state of Virginia and we live in the state of Texas. (sigh) I had no idea how much I would not like this idea. How do those mother birds just fly away after those baby birds take flight? Do they come back for visits? Do they find the same garden to dig for worms? Hmmmmmmm.

Deep breaths and lots of prayer. I know that God loves this man child more than I do and He will certainly take good care of him. After all, the jobs that are being offered are answers to prayer...we ALL agree on that. So, I am in the process of watching him practice flying, knowing that God is watching over Him where I cannot be there.

So, I am chirping away at him. I cannot wait to watch him fly!

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Lelia Chealey said...

How neat!! Many blessings to your son as he takes this new road in life. So glad he has a praying momma bird back home! Should make flying a little smoother! :)
So glad you're joining the blog Bible study! I can't wait to hear what you have to share!! :)