Sunday, July 12, 2009

Project 365 July 9

Thursday, July 9
This picture represents the day that I had on Thursday.
(even as I post this, my daughter and husband in the background are asking, "What is that a picture of?" I answered, "Nothing. You will have to read the post.")
I was in somewhat of a grumpy mood when I left to take Rebecca to driving school on Thursday evening and still had some time to kill between dropping her off and going to my regular meeting.
I had not taken my daily photo yet, and Rebecca really was not in the mood to be the subject of another Project 365 photo. (my bad attitude might have rubbed off on her)
I thought, "I will drive to the top of the hill and take a photograph of one of my favorite views of the Dallas skyline."
When I first moved to this area, this particular strip of roadway became one of my favorites because of the altitude
(DARE I call it that in Texas??).
The Dallas skyline is in plain view from the location that I was trying to get to.
But, try as I might, I could not find a good place to stop to take the photo.
I wondered around for entirely too long.
I even got turned around...sort of.
AND BARELY made my meeting on time.
What I did take a picture of was the Gaylord Texan Resort
(see in the distance).
And, I was sort of lost when I took it.
Well, not really lost, but just turned around.
And it didn't do much for my foul frame of mind.
Good thing I was on my way to an Al-Anon meeting.
That sure did help!

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