Saturday, July 18, 2009

Project 365 Week 9

It is time for me to post my photos for this week!
Some days, a picture for the day is easier than other days, that is for sure!
I like the challenge though.
So, here is my week in pictures beginning with

Monday, July 13
This is a picture of the room where I take my cycle class. I am diligently attending two classes per week, trying to add another in here somewhere.
I LOVE Spin Cycle Class!

Tuesday, July 14
The release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is tonight at midnight.
My daughter and son are planning to attend together.
My daughter created costumes for she and her brother, for fun, and with the desire to embarrass him. He thought it was funny!

Wednesday, July 15
There is a park that is on the way to my daughter's driving school.
I stopped by after dropping her off so that I could return a phone call.
While I was there, I totally enjoyed watching this....

Thursday, July 16
Our dog, Rusty, sits on this rug every night while I cook dinner.
It is the rug that I sometimes put his food bowl on.
Ever since he was diagnoses with kidney disease, I feed him prescription food and a pill twice a day that keeps his urinary incontinence under control.
It's working!
At almost 14 years old...we can teach this dog new tricks!

Friday, July 17
Something that we have always wanted to do...go to the Ft. Worth Zoo!
Today was the day!

Saturday, July 18
Fred and I went car shopping today.
My intention was to take a photo of the car lot.
But we were too serious trying to decide and get out of there.
(I think we have selected a Honda CRV)
When we returned, I sat on the porch in the cooler weather!
(It was in the 80's when this photo was taken instead of the 100's)
This was my view for the evening.

Then Fred came and put this under my nose....
dinner was served!
Now I sit here posting these photos!

I hope you had a lovely week!



Kim said...

How sweet to be served dinner while you sit relaxed, fit propped up, computer on :-)

Looks like a fun week. How did your kids like the movie?

That's a pretty cool cycling room! Even I might be inspired to cycle. Nah. :-)

Have a great week!

Mary Ann Duncan said...


fransmomma said...

great pictures!
we took our kids to the ft worth zoo last summer. i'd never been before, even though i grew up in dallas. impressive!

sara said...

wow that chicken looked amazing!!!

Ok, I am so impressed with anyone who does spin cylcing...and loves it!!

I always enjoyed the Ft. Worth Zoo when we lived in Dallas. I've been many times!

great week!!

Letters From Midlife said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing them.

Dena said...

I like the spin room. How fun! And even more fun to have supper served. Nice!

tiffany said...

Oh wow, that dinner looks so yummy!
Used to visit the Ft. Worth zoo all the time when I lived in Arlington and Ft. Worth, so many great memories.

Darla said...

great pictures for the week, i love that green paint color on the walls! and that chicken? yum! and the porch, ahhh, relaxing. good job with the pictures, they all had a special feel!

rita said...

Fun, Liz!
Now I'm hungry again...mmmmmm
Took the girls to see Harry Potter. We were quite startled at one point. Wonder if y'all know which one.