Sunday, July 19, 2009

RAP (Random Acts of Poetry) - Hidden

Finally, a poem but not quite sure how I feel about it...
About a friend who is in a not so perfect relationship.


She quietly sneaks to the keys and the screen
typing the letters to go where she wants
careful avoiding hope not to be seen
the fear of his wrath she ought not get caught
His love is a prison he holds her in tight
Her loyalty steady just one little peek
threats have been made she's not willing to fight
Just a bit of some news is all she will seek
He hates her old friend with all that he is
Her emptiness hidden with smiles and a song
Ego and power; she's rightfully his
He believes that she's good as gone
But lingers and reads what is published out here
Hiding but hurting, loving in fear


justsaytheword said...

wow, is there a real story behind this one?

it sounds like she is afraid of someone.

i started a new blog on wordpress, and will probably delete the other one, if i ever get a password to do that.

the time away still has me thinking. but, i think that it is now more about how i think about the blogging rather than the blogging itself.

Liz said...

OH, HI, Nancy! I will go check out the new site.

Yes, she is afraid. The poem is based on a true situation; sad but true. However, it is poetry.

Letters From Midlife said...

I hope she finds a way to end the relationship....

Billy Coffey said... This is powerful, Liz. Hope things work out, too.

Laura said...


Sending a prayer for your friend for healthy relationships. (and for in-grown toenails!)