Sunday, July 12, 2009

Project 365 July 10

I could not wait to get out of work on Friday!
Top left of this collage, is the view I had of my office building as I got into my car on Friday.
I was not sure what was going to happen for sure when I got home, but I was ready to do
We ended up joining our friend, Kim, and her husband Joe for dinner at a local place called Johnnie G's.
It was Kim's birthday! (she is 4 months older than me).
We had a good time, but for some reason, could not manage to get a good photo!
After we left here, Fred and I went to test drive a Honda CRV.
Yep, we are car shopping.
I loved the CRV, by the way!
But I really loved spending time with Kim, Joe and Fred!

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