Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Harry Potter , Mommy Holidays, and Memories

When my youngest daughter was a two years old, I made friends with another mom of a two year old, like young moms do. She had three other children, and I had two.

We spent much time together raising our children over the years...our two year old's are now approaching 16. She was "my phone friend." Our homes were 25 minutes apart and we saw each other once a week at a Bible Study, but spoke almost every day on the phone. This fun friendship remained this way for almost 13 years.

I learned a lot from this friend and although we don't talk much anymore, I think of her every time a Harry Potter movie debuts. That is today.

Two of my three children (the 15 year old and the 22 year old) just left for a brother / sister date (this in itself is a miracle) to see the midnight debut of Harry Potter.

I wasn't invited and that is okay.

Because I am putting into place something that my old friend taught me many, many years ago when our children were very small.

A Mommy Holiday.

A Mommy Holiday is one of those days that you just decide that you are not going to do what you normally do (at that time, it was go to school). Spontaneously, a Mommy Holiday arrives and Mommy and child(ren) spend the day doing either nothing, or something fun....like watch the brand new released Harry Potter movie.

Even though I am not at the Harry Potter debut, I will be having a Mommy Holiday tomorrow. I will play hookie from work, hang out with my kids, in pajamas, talking about the movie, and holiday-ing together.

And I will remember my old friend as I continue on the tradition of her Mommy Holiday. Our friendship might not have survived the storms of life, but some of what she taught me will hang on for a lifetime. This one...the Mommy Holiday, might even be generational.


Claire said...

Just came over from Laura's blog.

Mom blogs are always so heartfelt and yours is no exception.

Mocha with Linda said...

It's great to "meet" you! Scrolled down and discovered we have something in common right now - my boy just got his permit! Yikes! But it looks like you've done this before, and he's my oldest! I posted about it on Sunday. LOL

Looking forward to knowing you better! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Billy Coffey said...

Daddy Holidays, I've found, are just as good. Even if they often mean watching Toy Story for the thousandth time.

Hope you had a great holiday with your kids, Liz. That's a great post.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

How great. Enjoy your mommy holiday, sweets.