Monday, July 6, 2009

Project 365 Week 7

Well, I am a little late and I have to admit, this week in pictures is a little boring.
Most of the week was spent preparing for the weekend since my son, Adam, and his girlfriend, Thien were arriving on Friday.
Let's see how the week shaped up...

Sunday, June 28
The Village Church had a baptism service.
Wonderful worship
I rejoiced!

Monday, June 29
My husband ordered a photo scanner.
We have one on our printer, but he wants to get serious about scanning some of our old photographs and make them digital.
The scanner was delivered today.

Tuesday, June 30
Rebecca had not seen her boyfriend since she returned home from camp at 2 a.m. on Monday morning. They had a date planned for Tuesday evening, but he got so anxious, he rode his bike over, just to say hi. She was fixing her hair and graciously allowed me to use Michael's surprise visit as Tuesday's photo.

Wednesday, July 1
Over 15 years ago, I bought an African violet at Walmart.
I thought it would die since it was about the 4th one that I purchased, all previous ones killed by me at some point.
A couple of months ago, I was forced to separate the violet that I bought 15 years ago, into three different plants.
The violets survived the transplant!
I am so amazed.

Thursday, July 2
Finally, my husband agreed to purchase the gift that we talked about getting for him when he graduated with his masters degree.
A flat screen t.v. to hang in the bedroom where he watches t.v. to unwind.
(usually while I am down here blogging!)

Friday, July 3
Adam (my 25 year old son) and his girlfriend, Thien, arrive for the weekend!

And we went out and purchased Adam's belated birthday gift..
a suit, with all the trimmings!
This is just part...

Saturday, July 4
What else but hamburgers on the grill.
Here is the family fixing their plates!
All the kids (except Thien), my mom, and Fred.

Thien's hamburger

Some serious water badminton.

Sunday, July 5
We took several different photos of the family.
Hopefully, one will make the Christmas card!
This is one of the favorites.

Happy Times!

4th of July weekend!

Family dinner


Look what happens when Grandma drives all morning to get here!


Great Shot!

The Studs!

Dessert! It was so good!
A great shot of me and Rebecca

This is what it was like trying to get a family photo!

Adam is feeding Thien a squid!


Adam said...

I had so much fun! I miss you already.

Laura said...


Your family is so beautiful!

And, hey! Why do those African violets always die so easily? I'm so impressed that you managed to actually multiply yours. I gave up on those things a long time ago.

Love the water badminton. Looks like righteous fun!

Love to you,

sara said...

these were awesome pictures!!! it looks like you had a wonderful weekend!!!

grey like snuffie said...

Fun cool your family could get together. YEAH for the African violets....I used to have several of long as I didn't get water on the leaves they lived...but if I got sloppy the poor leaves started rotting. I'm really not sure why I don't have any anymore...they are so pretty.

Stacy said...

Loving this photo journaling. I am considering doing that in my classroom for the upcoming school year. Not boring at all--good purchases, good food, good friends and a great family. What could have made a better week :)

Letters From Midlife said...

I had fun looking at your photos. Family gatherings like that are great!