Thursday, July 30, 2009

Home's Heart - RAP

Just for fun, I decided to take L.L.Barkat's challenge on writing poetry again. Her challenge was to describe the kitchen (or a particular item). I chose the kitchen.

Home's Heart

She waits every morning
The coffee pot brewing
Early each day
I visit her first
And her day begins
Slow with one cup
Then the dog
For his breakfast
Clicking shiny wood
With tiny toenails
Activity starts
Doors open and close
Crumbs now on her counter
Plates now in her sink
She smiles, she is useful
Her family now eats
Aroma from stove
Draw loved ones right in
“How was your day?”
She hears all the scoop
Providing space
For the gathering
As family comes home
at the end of the day
she is the focus of all
as we scrub, sweep, and scour
Her counters are shiny
Her floors now are clean
And she waits till tomorrow
And starts over again.

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L.L. Barkat said...

Great little phrase... "Clicking shiny wood
With tiny toenails" Loved the sounds!

Erin said...

I'm visiting from High Calling Blogs.

Enjoyed how you captured the centrality of the kitchen. (Especially the early morning hours, as it reminds me of my own kitchen mornings.) It all seems to start and end there, doesn't it?

deb said...

I felt at home, in our common rituals and the easy love you feel there.
Thanks for that , as I sip my first cup and the fed dog rests at my feet.