Thursday, July 16, 2009

Holy Roller - I won!

The other day, I was blog browsing...
you know,
you read a blog, leave a comment, someone else's comment grabs your attention, you go there, etc.
And I ran across the blog
Mocha with Linda
The word "mocha" was the grabber.
(I was having serious PMS)
And the blog I read was a book review on a book titled,
Julie Lyons
(Random House)
Yet another grab.
And as I read, I discovered the book was written by an author who lives in Dallas (that's where I live) and the story was written about a church in South Dallas's ghetto.
(I have been there - once with crack addicts. That's another post.)
I noticed that Linda (from Mocha with Linda) was also a Texan and I just had to leave a comment.
Honestly, I didn't even notice that it was a give-a-way post. I really just commented.
(I was totally focused on the book and the Texas thing)
Just waking up from a nap this afternoon, iPhone in bed with me, I decided to check my email.
I won a copy of the book.
How fun!
So, thanks to Linda for having such an interesting blog post and book review,
that because of my interest,
I won a copy of the book!
Way to go, Linda!
Way to go Me!
Go check out
Mocha with Linda
It is worth it! She has a good thing going on over there!


Laura said...

Yay for you, Liz! I am always jealous of you Texas ladies, seems there's always something exciting going on; good music, good much fun.

Love the new blog look!

Liz said...

Oh, is too hot here to even think about jealous!!! :)
I envy your mountains...and that you are only a state away from the beach! What I wouldn't do for a quick pop over to OBX!