Saturday, January 10, 2009

Taste of Tulsa with Teenagers!

Teenagers need culture.

My mom and I thought we would take my daughter and her boyfriend to see the Nutcracker Ballet.

We dressed in our Ballet Matinee' duds, some of us a little more casual than others. No worries. It was about having fun, hearing music, watching the dance.

Some of us were not sure what to expect...see two teens on the left of my mom. Curious.

I suggested that they read the program; after all, it tells the story that we were about to see and hear, only without words. What? A story? To music and dancing only?

Curious. But it was wonderful. On the way home from the ballet, we drove through the neighborhood where I grew up. Fate. The owner of my childhood home was in the yard. We all got a tour of the home I lived in when I was the age of this beautiful daughter, on a trip that was to introduce her to some of what I knew growing up. I had not planned that it would include an inside view of my childhood home, but God did. Very neat.

There is a very aged, outdoor mall, just a few blocks from this home. My best friend and I walked there as often as we could after school and on weekends. One of the favorite stops was the Russell Stover candy shop.

Of course we stopped. Wow. There is the clock I always used to know when it time to return home.

Next stop, Tulsa's famous Hide Away's Pizza! We hooked up with my sister and sweet niece

Rebecca and Kristin

My mom cracking up at Robert, Rebecca's boyfriend. He is rather funny, even though sometimes he doesn't know it. This was one of those times. Below, was the picture I was taking when my mom started laughing...Robert was trying to look cool, but somehow we got a real smile out of him.
I tried to make her laugh, but couldn't get the same crack up that Robert did.

So, below is the famous pizza. It really might be some of the best I ever had....maybe it is the best I ever had. Robert might agree too. He was a huge Pizza Hut fan and thought nothing could beat a pepperoni stuffed crust, but his pizza was great - all meat. He ate every single bite of an entire pizza.

Last but not least, my sister and myself. No, we don't look anything alike. We are very much sisters though and love her very much. One of my biggest joys is being close enough to see her regularly and be part of my niece's life.

Oh, yes, Kristin is a beauty.

Tulsa. My home town.
Just a little taste of what I do when I visit there.


grey like snuffie said...

We had friends who lived there for a few years and sadly the only memory I have of our visits with them are of the husbands going to Goldies each and every visit. That's pretty cool to go back in time.

Carol said...

Sounds like fun. Love the photo of you.

Mary Ann Duncan said...