Thursday, January 29, 2009

Treasures from Thien

My son's girlfriend, Thien, is an absolute blessing! One of the things that I love about her is that she diligently emails me. And when she emails me, it is a lovely, well thought out letter and usually with pictures!

This is a picture that she sent me of the Thanksgiving meal that she and Adam prepared for her family. I was jealous because the turkey they made sounded like it was mouth watering good. It was fun for Adam and Thien to merge each of their cultures and traditions into the American holiday, Thanksgiving.

Also new to Thien was the Christmas tradition of Santa filling the Christmas stockings for all to open bright and early on Christmas morning! She was slightly unprepared to have her photo taken at such a ghastly hour of the morning. She remedied that with the above idea!

*I found out that is not her under that blanket...but my other son

(who does NOT like to have his picture taken, Aaron)

HaHa...joke was on Mom!*

But more than anything, I love her letters. They are fun to read, expressive, and full of personality. I have learned much about Thien, and also about my son, because of her sweet and regular correspondence.

Just a little grateful expression from the life of Liz today.



*Added after correction!


grey like snuffie said...

that is so cool...a mom's heart needs such good lovin for her child and what a gift to you...

Gail W. said...

Thanks for sharing, Baby! Is there anything better than seeing our kids with people we admire?

Adam said...

You know, Thien has been known to hide underneath a blanket or two, but I think the culprit in this particular picture is Aaron!

Carol said...

What a joy that you have a loving relationship with Thien. How sweet that she sends you letters too. I love the picture of her under the blanket, so funny.


Liz said...

OH that the Aaron picture! How funny...I thought it was Thien!

Mary Ann Duncan said...

omygosh! what fun. mom