Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Fill In

Just for fun is time for Friday Fill In! To join in, visit:
1. I'd really like to be on vacation right now.
2. OUCH is the word you'd most often hear me say (YELL) if I stubbed my toe.
3. Possession is not something that I have, it is all God's.
4. I really like Captain Jack Sparrow.
5. Marshmallows and fire go together like man and woman: very opposite but come together to make something really good.
6. My prayers for healing in a broken friendship will continue to go on and on.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hanging out with two of my very best girlfriends for dinner and a collage making party, tomorrow my plans include Step Study class number 3, lunch with my sponsor, a nail appointment and worship service. And Sunday, I want to have a grand time at the Superbowl party at my house! Go Cardinals! (post on that later!)


Letters From Midlife said...

I wrote a new post at my blog about the friendship I had to let go. I hope the one you're struggling with is able to heal.

Enjoy your Super Bowl party. This year I honestly don't care who wins but my hubby is rooting for the Steelers. He's a Colts fan and both teams are in the same conference.

Janet said...

re: #4 - me, too :-)

Carol said...

Hi Liz,

I had to laugh at your comments on my Fill In's. Yes I swear I have 2 friends and as soon as I saw Capt Jack, they came to mind. I'm not sure what ever happen to them though.

As for Fireproof, I enjoyed it so much, because it reminded me of the battles I've faced in my marriage. Particulary with the internet, and so I related a lot with that. It's okay if you weren't thrilled by it, I still love you. hehe.

I don't watch the superbowl so I'll ask for grace on that.

Have a great weekend.


Stacy said...

Hi, Liz. Thanks for sharing the info. about Captain Jack Sparrow. I mentioned it to a co-worker and she had some fun with me. All I could think of was some Captain's name on a botle of rum or whatever that you see on beach-party-type-movies. Apparently, I need to get out more(!!) Praying for your #6; relationships gone wrong can be a deep wound. Hope you have a weekend filled with smiles and blessings!

Laura said...

I always love to learn more about your sweet heart. Love the marshmallow and fire comment (well, you know we've been into s'mores lately). Have you, by chance, seen the just released Open Season 2? Our guys are still young enough to want to see all the latest cartoon movies and we were graced with that one last night. There's a really cute scene about s'mores and how they can represent relationships. I laughed hard a lot while watching the movie.

I've been through a difficult broken friendship, too. I understand how deeply that scars. I will pray for healing there too, Liz.

Thank you for your sweet words on the Wellblog this week. it's been a difficult week, but He is always good.