Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Nest - It Changes

One day, not very long ago, my children looked like the photo above. In my mind, I remember this day. It was just yesterday, wasn't it??

My daughter, not pictured here, would ask, "Where am I, Mommy?"

My reply, "You were not born yet, my sweet. It was before."

Before she was born. She is 15. Why does it seem that the picture above, before she was born, was yesterday?

My heart searches...

for time,....................
for more time...................................

wow. One day the little boy on the left (above) the first photo is my life and now this.....

High School graduation 2005

My Aaron. The middle child. The one who sometimes feels left out, but the one I love so much that my heart bleeds when I look at him.
He is the one who I have big hopes for.
The one who was planned to be next.

The one who both Daddy and I knew would come.

The Certain.

The Given.


He moves out this week. Long awaited. He has lived at home and completed Associate's Degree at Community College.

My pride swells.

He now moves north. to University North Texas, to complete degree in Criminal Justice, to become a police officer. The same week that a Dallas Police Officer is buried, shot. My prayers for my son become more fervent for his safety. I give him to my God, His protector.

He leaves our home, for the first time in more than 21 years, my beloved son, the one I planned, the one I birthed, turning him over to the world, and what God has planned for him.

It was always that way, but much of my part is now over.

Oh, Lord....protect. Take what I have tried to do and finish the work. You know I have done the best that I can. He is yours. Thank you that you gave me that time.
Bless him.

Wrap your arms around him.

Let him know he is loved.

With a love that will never die. That goes beyond all things. All requests to clean rooms, to be responsible with money, to make good grades, to honor others... a love that is motivated by the gift that is only because you gave him to us, our son, to love and nurture him, until the day when he would become yours, which is now, he is YOURS. Thank you, Father. My son.
Now on his own.

Give him what he You.

I love this child.


grey like snuffie said...

wonderful post

Tina said...

Aaron is so cool, I totally would have had a crush on him if I was like a million years younger!

Cindy said...

Certainly praying for you as another one leaves the nest.

Someday you will really enjoy the empty nest but there are always going to be those day when you long for little ones.

I know - I'm there.

Gail W. said...

I am right there with you, baby! After a glorious unrushed month at home, my oldest went back to college Saturday. I have been a cry baby for two days now.

Laura said...

This makes me cry, Liz! My heart is tender about this right now, as I am planning birthday parties for both my guys this month. They will be 10 and 12, and it seems like only yesterday I could hold them in my arms. They grow up so fast. Both in double digits! Wow. I can hardly believe it. I pray your prayer of protection for all children everywhere, friend.

Yours are beautiful!

Mary Ann Duncan said...

sweet! mom

Mariel said...

oh, my...*sniffle* baby boys are 8 and 5 and THAT has flown by! In no time I will be watching my babies fly from the nest. Thank you for this reminder to capture the moments! Prayers on your new season...